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Mohammad Al Qar'a

   You are welcome! This is the official website of Dr. Mohammad Al Qar’a. He was born on 18 March 1975 in Saudi Arabia.  Nowadays he works as Associate Prof. in Yarmouk University for Hebrew Language and its literature, especially for Jewish studies and rabbinic literature.

   He finished his secondary school in Amman, and then he moved on 1993 to Iraq in order to

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Workshops and Trainings:
• Scientific research and research projects
• E-learning offered at Yarmouk University
• Information technology and applications
• New Faculty Members’ Orientation Program
• Educational sciences, teaching methods, and assessment

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Getting Started


It's easy to get started using this website!

What is is website that allows you (Arab people) to know more about Judaism, Jewish history, life and more...

In this site, the published content is an academic essays database, which be translated from Hebrew sources into Arabic by Dr. Al Qar'as students and edited by him. These translated contents has been translated in his courses Heb. (241), Heb. (341) and Heb. (411A) and are categorized alphabetically.

Site and Administrator

This site actually has two separate sites. The site (also called the front end) is what visitors to this site will see. The administrator (also called the back end) is only used by people managing to this site. Visitors  can not access the administrator site.

Visitor can Log in to the administrator using the username and password created by administrator if he allows.

Logging in

To login to the front end of the site use the login form or the login menu link on the "This Site" menu. Use the user name and password that were created by registration process. Once logged-in you will be able to submit articles.

Submitting an article

Once Visitor got a user name and password can submit a new Article but will be not visible until is read by administrator

The Article must be an academic scientific or translated scientific content in the subject area Judaism, other contents well be definitely rejected.  

Your Article must be based on scientific content and resources to be publish. In any published article will be written by the end of the contents the name of the author or translator.
While this site try to ensure the accuracy of the content, Those Articles do not reflect the opinion of or endorsement by the, accept what written between two brackets: (Dr. Alqara)
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Taught Courses

   The Department of Semitic and Oriental Languages was established in 2000/2001 as a new department in the Faculty of Arts in Yarmouk University .It offers a program of study leading to a Bachelor's degree with a single and major specialization in Hebrew and Persian. Mohammad Al Qar'a has taught in the mention department since 2006, the following courses: 

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