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Hebräische Elemente und ihre Wege in die deutsche Sprache


This study deals with the Hebrew lexical elements which bloomed in the German language from a foreign viewpoint. The study tries to categorize these elements historically to show how they entered the German language. Our study starts with a short introduction to the Hebrew Language history, and then moves to show how the German people and scolars came to be interested in the Hebrew elements which entered the German Language as loan words. The study also shows how these words were later used as names for cities and streets in Germany. It shows how the German language assimilated the Hebrew elements, which later came to be considered as German words by adding articles to the nouns and verb endings to the verbs. The loan words were added to German dictionaries later on. The study tries to trace the history of Hebrew elements, which entered first to Judeo-Spanish, Judeo-Italian and Judeo-French and later to Judeo-German and German.



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