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 Since 2010 began Mohammad Al Qar'a to write his academic Articles in Jewish Studies. The Topic Jews in the Arabian Peninsula and their history was the first topic, which interested him. In this subject area has published Articles.  Also the Polemic between Muslims and Jews in the middle time has encourage him to publish academic essays. nowadays he works to publish more academic  essays in many themes  in Jewish studies, such as Jewish Tannaic and Amoraic

  Rabbis, Jewish religious schools in Iraq, and others. The following Essays has been submitted or already published in international Journals: 


  •  Amarat, Talafheh, Al Qar’a, M., One the Cairo Geniza Manuscripts - Manuscript No. 2541, An Analytical Study, Irbid Journal, (accepted)
  •  Al Qar'a. M., The Men of the Great Assembly,Reality or Legend?, King Saud University, Journal of Faculty of Languages ​​and Translation (accepted)ز
  • Talafheh, A., Al Qar'a. M. and Abu Dalu, A., The Arabic in Mishnah, a Lexicological approximation, AJH (2014), No. 128, vol. 32, pp. 149 - 177.
  • Al Qar’a, Mohammad, Talafheh, A., Arabia in Rabbinic Literature: a study on geography and linguistic impact, Journal of Arts (2014), vol. 26, No. 2, pp. 119 - 139.
  • Al Qar’a, M. and others, The language of the Jews in north Arabian Peninsula, The Society of Arab Universities Faculties of Arts (SAUFA), 2013, vol. 10, No. 1C, pp. 973- 998.
  • Al Qar’a, Mohammad, Talafheh, A., Kibbutz its Original, linguistics etymology and semantic development, The Society of Arab Universities Faculties of Arts (SAUFA), 2013, vol. 10, No. 2C, pp. 1893 - 1911.
  • Al Qar’a, M. und Andere, Hebräische Elemente und ihre Wege in die deutsche Sprache, Naharaim, Walter de Gruyter, vol. 5 (2011), pp. 96–114

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