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Mohammad Al Qar'a

   You are welcome! This is the official website of Dr. Mohammad Al Qar’a. He was born on 18 March 1975 in Saudi Arabia.  Nowadays he works as Associate Prof. in Yarmouk University for Hebrew Language and its literature, especially for Jewish studies and rabbinic literature.

   He finished his secondary school in Amman, and then he moved on 1993 to Iraq in order to

get the B.H degree in Baghdad University. In the College of Languages of University of  Baghdad he studied the Hebrew Language for four years. 

  In the same University and in the same collage he got his M.A degree in the subject of the present tense under the title: The present tense on the structure of the biblical Hebrew sentence in the book Genesis” on Aug. 2000, which written in Arabic.

  Then he worked at Yarmouk University for one year, and he was granted a scholarship to complete his study in Jewish and Hebrew Literature. On 2002 moved to Germany in order to get his Ph.D degree which he successfully got it on 2006 in the Free University Brlin (Fu) in the Jewish institute, in the subject of Mishnaic Hebrew under the Titel: Hashpa’at leshon ha-mishnah ‘al yetsirotaw shel Mendele Mokher Sefarim : dugma’ot mikhtvaw shel Mendele ben miqra le-mishnah = Der Einfluss der Sprache der Mischna auf das Werk von Mendele Mocher Sefarim / Der Andere Verlag, 2007 - 420 pages, orginal written in Hebrew: השפעת לשון המשנה על יצירותיו של מנדלי מוכר ספרים: דוגמאות מכתביו של מנדלי בין מקרא למשנה.

  Since 2006 he woks as assistant Prof. in Yarmouk Universiy in the Dept. of Semitic and oriental languages. In 2015 he became associate professor.


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